Principal’s Message

Carmel Public School assures finest quality education with values and ethics. It augments the comprehensive personality for a brilliant and ingenious generation committed for the benefit of the society. Behind the saga of success at Carmel Public School, we can see the workmanship of an untiring and dedicated crew headed by Principal, Sr. Navya.

Our Principal

 A glance at the by-gone days through the pages of the history of Carmel Public School swells our heart with adoration and homage to those great forbearers of CMC congregation whose sweet struggle and farsighted perceptive fostered Carmel from its toddler grade to this tabernacle of erudition. Their philosophy and principles baptized with urgency of time empower our stride to establish Carmel as a classic platform, accessible to all for their holistic development.

Let’s affirm and assure to continue the same for engraving a genesis of socially committed citizens for today and tomorrow.

Imploring for the blessings of Almighty.

Sr. Navya