Students are encouraged to strive for full attendance. Leave is permitted only in unavoidable circumstances. Parents must make a written request. Any student who is absent for more than a week without inform to the Principal will removed from the School Register.

A Doctor’s Certificate must be produced for sick leave exceeding 2 days. The Principal can refuse leave to any student without assigning reasons.


Those who return to school after absenting themselves without leave shall not enter the class without the sanction of the Principal.

If for some justified reason the pupil cannot be present on the reopening day, the Principal should be informed of it in advance failing which his/her name will be removed from the School Register and that seat would be given to one of the many deserving applicants.

If a child has an infectious disease, Parents should keep the child at the home till he/she recovers. A medical certificate must be submitted on his/her return.


Students should bring their lunch with them. Neither parents nor attenders are permitted to enter the school campus during lunch break. A napkin must be used to ensure the cleanliness of the place used. No remains of the food to be left around. Proper eating habits must be taught to the children.


Students are expected to maintain personal cleanliness with regard to uniform, hair and footwear. Nails must be trimmed and kept clean.

Nail polish or Mehendhi is not permitted. Hair must be kept free from lice. Students are responsible for the cleanliness of the classroom and the campus.

Those found scribbling or damaging the school property will be penalized. Pupils must come to school neat and tidy in their proper school uniform. Untidy dress, torn shoes, rubber slippers etc., will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Pupils must attend school regularly and be punctual to class. Late-coming will be entered in the late Attendance Record and must be signed by the parent before the pupil attends class the next day. Frequent late coming will be seriously dealt with. Late comers will be fined or excluded from class.

Pupils must not run about or play inside the school building. There is plenty of places outside.

Pupils must stand up smartly and greet teachers who enter the class room and stand up to thank the teachers when they leave the class room. They must respectfully greet all the staff of the school whenever they meet them inside or outside the school.

When spoken to by elders or teachers, pupils are always expected to stand to attention and not lounge with their hands in their pockets.

Good behavior and good manners are expected at all the time. Use of bad language, reading of obscene literature, unruly behavior etc., are forbidden. Defaulters will be severely punished or expelled from the school.

Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, disobedience and disrespect towards members of the staff, justify suspension or dismissal.
Pupils who do not bring necessary books to class will be asked to-leave the classroom.
Every student must wear the ID card, before entering the school. This is compulsory.

90% attendance is compulsory for promotion. School Diary is a Record of Reference. Therefore it must be brought to school every day.

Students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school. If brought the same will be confiscated and will not be returned.